MACH Advocacy

Accelerate digital transformation

The Offer

Partner with a commerce professional to clarify opportunities, chart a course, orchestrate vendors and enable teams.


MACH is an approach to systems architecture whose stated intent is to future-proof enterprise technology and accelerate digital experiences. Broadly, the approach attempts to solve for the accrual of technical debt by decoupling user experiences from underpinning platforms. MACH is

  • Microservices based
  • API-first
  • Cloud-native SaaS
  • Headless

The engagement

A series of workshops and collaborative sessions, including:

  • Requirements identification & prioritization
  • Platform selection
  • Reference architecture creation
  • Roadmap creation
  • Business case creation
  • RFP process management
  • Business process documentation
  • Change management & training

The result

Be confident envisioning a future state of your business that optimizes for architectural and organizational agility. Assume a ready posture for the next world-changing event.

  • Understand the cost and timeline associated with a MACH transformation.
  • Identify best fit technology and solution partners.
  • Prepare your teams for success through re-skilling and considered business processes.


Martin Casey

Digital Transformation Leader

I help businesses capture value by effecting change through digital transformation.
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Austin, TX

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