Case Study: Xbyte

BigCommerce product configurator

The Challenge

Xbyte services the commercial server market by promising highly configurable hardware at competitive prices. Delivering on this promise required enabling a self-service customer journey that reflected complex assembly business rules. Launching the resulting product configurator was a key milestone in Xbyte's attempt to become an even more agile & efficient organization.

The context

Enterprise server solutions tend to follow a complex sales cycle, matching components and capabilities to the need. As a Dell reseller, Xbyte fits the niche by providing consultative advisory, traditionally by sacrificing sales efficiency.

In the spirit of optimizing for both, the company engaged Ellipsis to author a custom BigCommerce app that translated the various interdependencies of a server build to an e-commerce experience.

The approach

In collaboration with the company, we defined SKU agnostic functionality that would enable customer-facing behaviors, including:

  • Show/hide options and option values by default or based on user interaction.
  • Transform radio to checkbox for multi select.
  • Add quantity selectors to option values.
  • Define quantity ranges within an option and across options.
  • Decorate options with supplementary markup.

See an example custom product page.

The solution

We designed a solution that stitched the e-commerce experience together with backend systems via a native (custom) BigCommere app that comprised:

  • Product/Inventory/Cost sync with ERP.
  • Config deployment via BigCommerce APIs as JSON.
  • Config parsing and enablement within Stencil templates.
  • Custom PDP and add-to-cart functions.
  • Order transmission via order item JSON object.

The result

Paired with a replatform, the work product was transformative with respect to the company's ability to accelerate growth, including:

  • Self-service customer originated individual orders.
  • Sales rep originated bulk orders.

As one customer (A. Williams) testified:

"I have worked with hundreds of vendors in 16 years as a network admin and these xByte guys blew them all away. Ordering made simple, the way it should be! Many future orders to come!"


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